All low earth satellites in reach of ASAT missile: DRDO chief

  1. According to the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chairman,the recently conducted anti-satellite (ASAT) test, Mission Shakti has a deterrence capability and the missile can cover all satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).
  2. Low earth orbit satellites are roughly at an altitude of 2,000 kilometres from the earth and that’s the region where majority of satellites are concentrated.A database from the Union of Concerned Scientists,a non-government organisation based in the United States has said that there are at least five known Indian satellites in LEO: India PiSat,Resourcesat 2,Radar Imaging Satellites 1 and 2 and SRMsat.
  3. Further,DRDO chairman has also said that India has chosen a much lower orbit of less than 300 km to avoid the threat of space debris to global space assets and asserted that all the debris from the mission will decay in 45 days.
  4. Earlier,USA has raised concerns over space debris and reported to have been tracking space debris from Mission Shakti.
  5. Space debris are artificial material that is orbiting Earth but is no longer functional. According to the Report of Second U.N. Conference on Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 1982, space debris consists of dead satellites, spent rocket motors, nuts and bolts etc. Examples: China’s Tiangong-1, Fengyun-1C weather satellite of China.