An ancient temple’s transition over years of neglect

News: Kakati Devi temple has been converted into an abode of local Goddess ‘Balusulamma’ (Goddess Durga).


  • The temple was built by emperor Ganapati Deva, ruler of Kakatiya dynasty in 13th Century. Ganapati Deva is the first king who introduced the worship of Kakati Devi into the coastal region of Andhra and outside the dominions of his kingdom.
  • The temple is located in Dharanikota near present Andhra Pradesh capital Amaravathi.
  • Features of Kakati Devi idol: Seated in Padmasanam with eight hands and possesses eight different special attributes never found in the contemporary shrines of the Kakatiya period.

Additional Information:

Kakatiya dynasty: Kakatiya dynasty (1163–1323) was a South Indian dynasty whose capital was Orugallu (Warangal). The Kakatiya rulers traced their ancestry to a legendary chief named Durjaya.