Army’s special training exercise ends in Punjab

  1. The major exercise called as Kharga Prahar has been conducted jointly by the Indian Army and Indian Air Force in Chandigarh on June 4, 2019.
  2. Kharga Prahar exercise was undertaken in plains of Punjab by various units and formations of Army’s Kharga Corps.
  3. The exercise was successful in validating latest operational concepts which are designed to deliver a swift punitive blow to India’s adversary.
  4. The exercise has also brought out valuable lessons and also reinforced a high degree of operational preparedness of the Kharga Corps.
  5. The Indian Army’s II Corps, based in Ambala is known as Kharga Corps. It has been stationed at Ambala since 1985.
  6. Kharga possesses 50% of Indian Army’s offensive capabilities and on integration with multiple military formations it has proved an effective weapon in various wars.
  7. In 1971,Bangladesh Liberation War Kharga Corps was positioned in West Bengal and helped in creation of Bangladesh.During the Kargil conflict in 1999,this elite force was deployed somewhere in the desert sector.

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