Arunachal has 35 pc of India’s graphite deposits, says GSI

  1. The Geological Survey of India (GSI) has said that 35 % of India’s Graphite deposits is found in Arunachal Pradesh.
  2. The GSI presented the data during its annual interactive meeting with the Department of Geology and Mining and Government of Arunachal Pradesh in Itanagar.
  3. The only non-metal element that is a good conductor of electricity, graphite is known as a dry lubricant for its greasy feel.Graphite has many industrial uses particularly for products that need very high heat.
  4. India is currently importing Graphite from other countries.Thus,the GSI has said that survey and drilling activities should be moved towards the India-China international Border.
  5. Development of road towards the international border will be a boon for exploration of the mineral.China has also been undertaking huge mining activities across the border in Tibet.
  6. GSI was set up in 1851 primarily to find coal deposits for the Railways. It is headquartered at Kolkata.It is an attached office to the Ministry of Mines.  
  7. The main functions of GSI relate to creation and updation of national geoscientific information and mineral resource assessment.
  8. These objectives are achieved through ground, air-borne and marine surveys, mineral prospecting and investigations, multi-disciplinary geoscientific, geo-technical, geo-environmental and natural hazards studies, and carrying out fundamental research.

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