Assam deportation figure given to Supreme Court doesn’t add up

  1. A Bangladeshi diplomat has said that its government is puzzled over Assam government’s claim that only four Bangladeshi nationals have been deported to the country since 2014. Bangladesh claims that it had taken back 52 nationals in 2018 and 21 in January 2019.
  2. Earlier in the case related to detention camps for foreigners in Assam, the state government had said to the Supreme Court that the government had 1.12 lakh foreigners and deported four of them in the past six years.
  3. The Supreme had rebuked the state government over its lackadaisical approach to trace illegal foreigners and deport them. The Assam government had then proposed to release foreigners who have completed five years in detention centres subject to furnishing a security of Rs. 5 lakh, verification of address and collection of their biometrics.
  4. However, the apex court sharply criticised the Assam government for its proposal to conditionally release and monitor declared foreigners and had called for deportation of foreigners at earliest.
  5. An illegal foreigner is declared so by Foreigners Tribunals of Assam. Foreigners Tribunal (FT) was set up in Assam in 1964 through the Foreigners Tribunal Order 1964. The tribunals have been mandated with identifying the legal status of suspected foreigners in Assam.

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