Assam Rifles

News:The defence establishment and the Ministry of Home affairs are once again in disagreement over the control of Assam Rifles.


What is the issue?

  • Assam Rifles which the oldest paramilitary force of India is under dual control of two ministries.
  • The administrative control of Assam Rifles lies with the Home Ministry, while the operational control is with the Defence Ministry.
  • The dual leadership has caused administrative problems and many Assam Rifle personnel were being deprived of promotion and allowances at par with Indian army.

Assam rifles:

  • The Assam Rifles is one of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) in India.
  • It was formed in 1835 as a militia called the ‘Cachar Levy’ to primarily protect British Tea estates and their settlements against tribal raids.
  • The force operates in the North Eastern part of India and complements the Indian Army in countering the insurgency and guarding the borders.