Assam’s Rongali Bihu artists decry order on cheque payments

News:Assam’s Goods and Services Tax authority has asked the Bihu committees to make all transactions through cheques during the Bihu festival.If complied with,the artistes would have to pay 18% GST.


About Bihu festival:

  • Assamese Bihu is one of the most important cultural festivals of Assam, which celebrates the change in seasons. 
  • It mainly caters to the agrarian culture and society of the state and marks the beginning of Assamese New Year and harvest season.
  • During the festival,Bihu Dance,which is a popular folk dance associated with the state of Assam is also performed.

Types of Bihu festival:

  • Bhogali or Magh Bihu:The Magh Bihu festival is celebrated during January.It sees the first harvest of the season being offered to the gods along with prayers for peace and prosperity.
  • Rongali or Bohag Bihu:It is observed in April.Rongali or Bohag Bihu is the Assamese New Year and Spring festival.The Rongali Bihu coincides with Punjabi New Year Baisakhi.
  • Kongali or Kati Bihu:It is observed in October.During this festival,Bodo people of Assam light lamps and pray to God for a thriving harvesting season.