Astronomers Have Caught a Rare And Massive ‘Accretion Burst’ in Our Galaxy

News: Astronomers have recently found that accretion burst happens at different rates over time. 


About accretion burst event

  • Accretion is the formation of planets and other bodies by the collection of material through gravity.
  • Sometimes the forming star swallows up a huge amount of matter, resulting in a burst of activities in the massive star. This is called an accretion burst event.
  • The first observation of accretion burst event was in 2016.

Additional Information:

Maser Monitoring Organisation

  • Established in 2017, it is an international collaboration of scientists dedicated to detecting masers to learn more about the birth of massive stars, among other cosmic phenomena.


  • A maser is the microwave (radio frequency) equivalent of laser.
  • The word stands for “microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.”
  • Masers are observed using radio telescopes.