Avartansheel Kheti changing lives with periodic, proportionate farming

News:Recently,several farmers across the country have started adopting pioneering method of sustainable farming called Avartansheel Kheti.


About Avartansheel Kheti: 

  • Avartansheel Kheti is based on the philosophy of A Nagraj who was a proponent of harmonious coexistence.
  • The Avartansheel Kheti which is translated as Periodic proportionate farming involves dividing the land into zones for cereal crops, vegetables, fruiting trees and animal husbandry.
  • The farming technique insists that farmers should produce food for themselves first and what remains after consumption should be sold in the market. 
  • This way,the farmer will never put harmful pesticides and fertilisers if they are growing for themselves.

Features of the technique:

  • Under this technique, the land is divided into three parts.Fruits and trees that grow in a forest are grown in one part.This helps earn additional income while the cost of labor to maintain this land is low.
  • It also helps the farmer to create natural compost with dried leaves and cow dung which increases the fertility of soil.This eliminates the need of chemical fertilizers.
  • The second part of land is used rear livestock like cows, buffaloes.They can use the milk for their household and the excess can be sold outside.
  • And the third of the land is used to grow crops for his home.The farmer can grow rice, pulses, vegetables, fruits, spices, oil among others.
  • Thus, the farmer sustains his home first and after that, he will sell his surplus products in the market not in raw form but after being processed.