Bar-headed goose spotted near Pandalam

News:Recently,Bar-headed Goose has been spotted in the wetlands of Karingali Puncha in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala.


About Bar-headed Goose:

  • The Bar-headed goose (Anser Indicus) are found in central China and Mongolia and they breed there.
  • They start migration to the Indian sub-continent during the winter and stay till the end of the season.
  • They return to their homes by crossing the Himalayan ranges.The migration of Bar-headed Goose has been a fascination as they cross the Himalayas on one of the most high-altitude migrations in the world.
  • The bar-headed goose is also one of the world’s highest-flying birds having been heard flying across Mount Makalu – the fifth highest mountain on earth.
  • The species is classified as “Least Concerned” as per the IUCN Red List.

About Karingali Puncha:

  • The wetlands of Karingali Puncha is a major birding spot in Kerala. 
  • It was reported to have the highest bird count in the Asian Waterbird Census of 2015.

Additional information:

About Asian Waterbird Census:

  • Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) was started in the year 1987.It is an annual event in which thousands of volunteers across Asia and Australasia count waterbirds in the wetlands of their country.
  • The census is conducted by the wetlands International and forms part of global waterbird monitoring programme called the International Waterbird Census(IWC).
  • It’s main focus is to monitor the status of waterbirds and the wetlands.It also aims to create public awareness on various issues concerning wetlands and waterbird conservation.