Bengal port records country’s highest sea level rise in 50 years

  1. According to data by the Ministry of Earth Sciences,Diamond Harbour in West Bengal has recorded the maximum sea level increase out of the major ports in India.
  2. The data says that sea level rise in the country has been estimated to be 1.3 mm/year along India’s coasts during the last 40-50 years.On the other hand, Diamond Harbour rise was almost five times higher at 5.16 mm per year.
  3. The data also says that the four ports in India namely (a)Diamond Harbour, (b)Kandla port (c)Haldia port and (d)Port Blair Port has recorded a higher sea level rise than the global average of 1.8 mm per year during the last 40-50 years.
  4. Further,the experts have said that the sea-level rise is higher in West Bengal particularly in the Sunderbans delta because of the deltaic sediment deposition as a result of the mixing of freshwater and saline water.
  5. According to the fifth assessment report of the International Panel on Climate Change(IPCC),the reason for sea level rise is said to be linked with global warming.
  6. The studies over Indian region have also shown a warming trend of 0.6°C on all India average basis mainly contributed by maximum temperatures.