Bhutan throws up pay wall amid surge of Indian tourists

  1. Bhutan government is planning to maintain the exclusivity of the country by putting a cap on the tourist arrivals per year.
  2. It also plans to levy a minimum fee from regional tourists from as per the recommendations of the Pay Commission.Indian,Bangladeshi and Maldivian tourists are classified as ‘regional tourists’ in Bhutan.
  3. These steps are taken to prevent Bhutan from becoming a mass tourism destination site.
  4. The government is also planning to standardize the low budget hotels in the country and ensure that they take a limited number of regional tourists.
  5. The Tourism Council of Bhutan will also plan to keep a track of the amenities offered across all the hotels in Bhutan.It will also control the vehicles entering Bhutan’s borders and making sure only a limited number of tourists travel in these vehicles.
  6. Further,Bhutan Pay Commission has also recommended that the government should levy a minimal Sustainable Development Fee(SDF) on regional tourists.

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