Bihar: Centre approves Rs 4,900-crore project to link Kosi, Mechi rivers

  1. Cabinet has approved Rs. 4,900 crore for Kosi-Mechi interlinking project in Bihar.This is the second river interlinking project after the Ken-Betwa project in Madhya Pradesh. 
  2. This decision was taken as every year floods had become a major reason for destruction.Hence,interlinking of Kosi and Mechi can provide a little relief to Bihar.
  3. This project will provide a diversion to the surplus water of Kosi River through existing Hanuman Nagar barrage to Mechi River of Mahananda basin. 
  4. Further,Mechi River will also get water from another source and it will become a vast natural resource of irrigation.
  5. This project has a possibility to escort the next green revolution in Seemanchal region.The project also does not involve displacement of population and there is no diversion of any forest land.
  6. Ken-Betwa Interlinking is country’s first river interlinking project that will connect two rivers in Madhya Pradesh.
  7. The project aims to transfer surplus water of Ken River to the Betwa basin through a concrete canal to irrigate India’s worst drought-prone Bundelkhand region.