BrahMos Missile Featuring Indigenous Booster Successfully Flight Tested

News: The BrahMos Land-Attack Cruise Missile (LACM) featuring indigenous Booster and Airframe Section was successfully flight tested. It is a surface-to-surface supersonic cruise missile.


BrahMos Missiles:

  • The BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile.
  • It is developed by BrahMos Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. (BAPL), New Delhi.
  • It is capable of being launched from land, sea, sub-sea and air against surface and sea-based targets.
  • It has been operationalized in the Indian Armed Forces with all the three services.

Additional Information:

Supersonic Cruise Missiles:

  • A cruise missile is an unmanned self-propelled (till the time of impact) guided vehicle that sustains flight through aerodynamic lift for most of its flight path.
  • Supersonic cruise missile travels at a speed of around 2-3 Mach i.e., it travels a kilometre approximately in a second

BrahMos Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. (BAPL)

  • The BAPL is a joint venture between the Russian Federation’s NPO Mashinostroeyenia and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
  • It is named after Brahmaputra and Moscow rivers.
  • It is responsible for designing, developing, producing and marketing BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles.