Cancer cell detection ‘dots’ developed from coal in Assam

  1. Scientists from CSIR-NEIST Assam have developed chemical process that turns dirty coal into biomedical carbon quantum dots(CQDs) to help detect cancer cells.
  2. Carbon Quantum Dots(CQDs) are carbon-based nanomaterials whose size is less than 10 nm or nanometre.These carbon quantum dots (CQDs) were produced from cheap,abundant, low-quality and high sulphur coals.
  3. The CQDs emits a bluish colour with high-stability, good-conductivity, low-toxicity, environmental friendliness, and good optical properties.
  4. They are used as diagnostic tools for bio-imaging especially in detecting cancer cells, for chemical sensing and in opto-electronics.
  5. Scientists have said CQDs are futuristic materials whose demand in India has been increasing leading to a considerable volume of import.
  6. The CSIR-NEIST technology can produce approximately 1 litre of CQDs per day at one-twentieth the cost of imported CQDs to become an import substitute.

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