Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)

News: The government has launched a web portal, ‘Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)’ in Delhi.


About CEIR

  • It is a database of the International Mobile Equipment (IMEI) numbers of blacklisted handsets.
  • All network Operators can share blacklisted mobile devices on CEIR. Devices blacklisted in one network will not work on other networks even if the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card in the device is changed.

·         Objectives of CEIR:

o   Curtail the counterfeit mobile phone market 

o   Blocking of lost/theft mobiles thus discouraging mobile phone theft

o   Protect consumer interest by informing about fake and cloned mobiles

o   Facilitate IMEI based lawful interception

o   Maintain database of all valid mobile equipment.

  • Implementation: It is implemented by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) under the Ministry of Communications.
  • Background: The idea of CEIR was first conceived in the National Telecom Policy, 2012.

Additional Information:

International Mobile Equipment (IMEI) numbers

  • It is a 15 digit unique identification code for each mobile phone.
  •  It is used to improve operations and deter theft and counterfeit.