Central Equipment Identity Register(CEIR)

News:Union Telecom Minister has launched the Central Equipment Identity Register(CEIR).


About Central Equipment Identity Register(CEIR):

  • Central Equipment Identity Register(CEIR) is a database of International Mobile Equipment Identities (IMEIs), the 15-digit numbers that uniquely identify each mobile device.
  • It is being launched to curtail the rampant cloning and theft of mobile phones across the country.

Objectives of CEIR:

  • Curtailment of counterfeit mobiles,
  • Blocking of lost or stolen mobiles across networks thus discouraging theft of mobile phones, 
  • Maintaining a registry of all equipment identity to facilitate database of valid devices and facilitate IMEI-based lawful interception.

Features of CEIR:CEIR will be a database of IMEI numbers that will consist of three lists – white, grey and black.

  • Mobile phones with IMEI numbers in the white list will be permitted for use.
  • Those in the blacklist will be the ones that are reported stolen or lost and will not be allowed to access the network.
  • Those in the greylist will be the ones that do not conform to standards but will be permitted to connect under supervision.