Centre draft rules to relieve hens of battery cage misery

  1. Central Government has come out with draft on Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Egg Laying Hens) Rules,2019.
  2. The Delhi High Court (HC) had asked the government to come out with rules to end cruelty to egg-laying hens after it got to know that hens used for production of eggs were reared in small,barren wire cages (size of an A4 sheet) called ‘battery cages’,a name given due to the arrangement of cages placed side by side.
  3. The rules prohibit keeping hens in cramped battery cages by the poultry industry.It also prohibit the use of growth promoters  in feed of hens and restricts the use of antibiotics for therapeutic(disease treatment) only.
  4. The draft rules also include a complete ban on feeding hens with remains of dead chicks and the practice of withdrawal of feed to induce molt in birds.
  5. Further,the rules also makes it mandatory to keep minimum 550 sq cm of floor space per bird.Under the rules,each cage should accommodate preferably a minimum of 6-8 birds ensuring reasonable space for hens and access to feed and water.

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