Centre tables SPG (Amendment) Bill in Lok Sabha

News:Government has introduced the SPG (Amendment) Bill in the Lok Sabha.


About the SPG (Amendment) Bill:

  • The bill amends the Special Protection Group Act,1988.It entitles only the country‚Äôs Prime Minister to security services from the Special Protection Group(SPG).
  • The Bill has also sought to provide SPG cover to the former Prime ministers and their family members not beyond five years from the date the Prime Minister demits office 
  • At present,the law allows the SPG to protect former Prime Ministers and their families for a period of 10 years after the end of term.Additionally,it leaves the scope for an extension of the cover beyond ten years in case the perceived threats justifies it.
  • The bill also says that SPG will not provide security to family members of a prime minister and former PMs if they do not live with them in their official residence.

Additional information:

About SPG:

  • Special protection group(SPG) was set up in 1985 after the assassination of former prime minister Indira Gandhi as an executive body on the recommendation of Birbal Nath committee.
  • Later on it became a statutory body under Special Protection Group Act,1988.
  • SPG is governed by the Cabinet secretariat of India.It is headed by an officer of the rank of inspector-general.
  • The act was amended in 2002 to make provision for an annual review.The review is based on threat perception that is conducted by security agencies.