CFTRI to send food to cyclone-hit Odisha

  1. The Central Food Technological Research Institute(CFTRI) has decided to prepare nearly 1 lakh meals for distribution in the cyclone ravaged areas of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.In the past,CFTRI has sent food and relief material to Kerala during the floods.
  2. CFTRI was established in 1959.It is a constituent laboratory of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).It is headquartered in Mysore, Karnataka.It also has its resource centers in Hyderabad,Lucknow and Mumbai.
  3. The institute develops technologies to increase efficiency and reduce post-harvest losses, add convenience, increase export, find new sources of food products, integrate human resources in food industries, reduce costs, and modernize.
  4. Some of the research focus areas of the institute are Food engineering, food biotechnology, microbiology, grain science, sensory science, Biochemistry, Molecular Nutrition and food safety

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