China launches last satellite for its BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

News: China has successfully launched the last satellite of its BeiDou Navigation Satellite System(BDS).


  • BeiDou Navigation Satellite System(BDS): It is a Chinese satellite navigation system.
  • Type: Military and commercial
  • Coverage: Global
  • Total satellites: 35 (2020)

Additional Facts:

  • Global Navigation Satellite System: GPS (US), GLONASS (Russia), Galileo (EU), BeiDou (China). 
  • Additionally, there are two regional systems – QZSS (Japan) and IRNSS or NavIC (India).
  • NavIC: It is an independent regional navigation satellite system developed by the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO).
    • It provides accurate position information service to users in India as well as the region extending up to 1500 km from its boundary.