China offers tacit support to India

  1. During the 16th Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Russia,India and China (RIC) at New Delhi, the three nations strongly condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.
  2. The ministers said that those committing,inciting or supporting terrorist acts must be held accountable and brought to justice in accordance with existing international commitments on countering terrorism, including the (a) UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (b) relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the (c)Financial Action Task Force standards.
  3. RIC meeting is important as Russia, India and China are countries that carry important voices in international politics and have the potential to significantly influence world events.
  4. The RIC countries have been working together in various regional and global organizations, including BRICS(Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa), SCO(Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and BASIC(Brazil,South Africa,India and China) and has been viewed as a restraining force on any unquestioned Western hegemony.