Conference of Central Council of Health and Family Welfare

News:The 13th Conference of Central Council of Health and Family Welfare was inaugurated by the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare.


About the conference:

  • The purpose of the conference is to build a consensus on Universal Health coverage(UHC) through various flagship programs like Ayushman Bharat, National Control of Tuberculosis Program, National Nutrition Mission among others.
  • The conference also aims to promote steps towards the target of National Health Policy 2017 which is to allocate 2.5% of GDP to health by 2025.
  • The conference is to be conducted on 4 pillars of healthcare namely (a)Universal Health Coverage (b)Mission mode interventions (c)Quality and accessible affordable healthcare services and (d)Adequate Infrastructure.

Additional information:

About Central Council of Health and Family Welfare:

  • The Council of Health and Family Welfare is an apex advisory body to consider and recommend broad lines of policy in regard to matters concerning Health and Family Welfare.
  • The first meeting of the council was held in 1988.
  • Chairperson:Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare 
  • Vice-Chairperson:Minister of State for Health & Family Welfare
  • Members: (a)NITI Aayog (b)Ministers in charge of the Ministries of Health & Family Welfare (c)Medical Education and Public Health in the States/Union Territories with Legislatures (d)representatives of UTs, (e)Members of Parliament (f)Non-Officials and (g)Eminent Individuals.