Cost is key: Chinese space firm revs up for reusable rocket race

  1. China’s private space startup Linkspace has successfully launched a reusable rocket named RLV-T5(NewLine Baby).
  2. Reusable Launch Vehicle is a launch system that is capable of launching a payload into space more than once.
  3. The new rocket has other advantages as well such as low test cost and a capability of rapid iteration.
  4. The launch also successfully tested several other key technologies for reusable rockets including new ignition and launching technology and technology of parallel connection of multiple engines.
  5. In India,ISRO’s Reusable Launch Vehicle – Technology Demonstration Program(RLV-TD) is a series of technology demonstration missions that have been considered as a first step towards realizing a two stage to orbit(TSTO) fully reusable vehicle.
  6. The main objectives of the RLV TD are to reduce the cost of launch by increasing reusability and to increase reliability by achieving a Two Stage To Orbit (TSTO) capability.