Delhi Cabinet gives nod for ‘Tree Transplantation Policy’

News: Delhi Cabinet has approved the ‘Tree Transplantation Policy’ for the preservation of trees in the Capital.


Key Provisions of the Policy:

  • A minimum of 80% of trees affected by a development or construction project will be transplanted and as much 80% of the transplanted trees must survive after transplantation.
  • The Delhi government will form a panel of the agencies that excel in the task of transplantation and whichever department wants trees to be transplanted can approach any agency out of the panel that is being formed.
  • A dedicated Tree Transplantation Cell will also be formed by the Delhi government and local committees which will include government officials, citizens, RWAs to monitor the transplanted trees and to certify that the task has been done with due diligence.

Smog Tower in Delhi:

  • The Delhi Cabinet has also approved a proposal to install a smog tower in Connaught Place to deal with air pollution.The first smog tower in the world was set up in China.
    • Smog towers: These are structures designed to work as large scale air purifiers.They are usually fitted with multiple layers of air filters, which clean the air of pollutants as it passes through them.