Direct CTO Scheme for Green Category Industries

News:Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has announced a new initiative called ‘Direct CTO(Consent to Operate)’ Scheme for Green category industries.


About the scheme:

  • The scheme aims to enable companies operating under ‘green category industries’ receive faster clearances from government to commence operations.
  • Under the scheme,the green industries just need to apply for consent to establish and don’t have to wait till obtaining final approvals to commence construction work.
  • This would benefit micro, small and medium enterprises planning to set up operations in the state.

Additional information:

About Green category industries:

  • According to the Ministry of Environment,companies are classified in red, orange, green and white categories based on the pollution index(PI) generated from them.
  • The pollution index(PI) of any industrial sector is a number from 0 to 100 and the increasing value of PI refers to the degree of pollution load from the industries.
  • ‘Red’ category industries are those which have a pollution index score of 60 and above, ‘orange’ category are with 41 to 59, ‘green’ category industrial sectors are of 21 to 40 and ‘white’ category industries are from 0 to 20.