Do ‘Russian poplar’ seeds cause May illness in Kashmir? The fears, the science

  1. In May every year,doctors in the Kashmir Valley treats a high number of patients, especially children with respiratory diseases.
  2. The rise in illness has often been attributed to a phenomenon during this season which is the shedding of fluffy cotton-covered seeds by poplar trees commonly known as “Russian poplars”.
  3. The name “Russian poplar” is a misnomer and has nothing to do with Russia. The tree is a Western American species known as Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoides) in the US.The species is locally called as Russi Frass.
  4. The Russian poplar trees was introduced in Kashmir in 1982 from the US under a Word Bank-aided social forestry scheme.
  5. The species takes less time (10-15 years) to grow, as compared to the Kashmir poplar that takes 30-40 years.Due to their high yield,poplars are intensively used in the timber and construction industry.
  6. However,during summers,female poplar sheds a cotton-like material carrying seeds that cause allergies and aggravate respiratory disorders. This cotton has become an irritant in the recent past for the locals as well as tourists.
  7. In 2015,Jammu & Kashmir High Court had ordered chopping of all Russian poplars in the Valley.However,Some scientists has said that the seeds from these trees do not cause allergy.

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