Doctors appearing in ads for hospitals may face action

  1. Recently,a group of doctors working in a corporate hospital in Kerala has violated the Medical Council of India(MCI)’s Code of Ethics after their photographs and details were featured in a newspaper advertisement for the hospital.
  2. Earlier,MCI had taken action against a group of physicians who had reportedly appeared in an advertisement released by the hospital they were working in.It had removed their names from the Indian Medical Register/State Medical Register for 15 days for transgressing the Code of Medical Ethics.
  3. According to the code of medical ethics in the Indian Medical  Council Regulations of 2002,self-publicity and promotion of doctors with names or photographs to invite patients is prohibited.
  4. The MCI’s Code of Ethics is binding on the doctors and not on the hospital as MCI has jurisdiction only over doctors.Even if the hospital that is putting out the advertisements featuring doctors photographs,the doctors alone will be held liable for the violation of medical ethics.
  5. The Medical Council of India (MCI) was established in 1934 under the Indian Medical Council Act,1933.The Act was repealed and replaced by the Indian Medical Council Act,1956.
  6. The functions of MCI include (a)Maintenance of uniform standards of medical education (b)Recognition/derecognition of medical qualifications and medical colleges and (c)registration of doctors.
  7. In 2018,Cabinet had approved an amendment to the National Medical Commission Bill,2017.The NMC bill seeks to replace the Medical Council of India with National Medical Commission as the top regulator of medical education.The bill has not been passed yet.

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