Donald Trump to pull the US out of arms treaty

  1. United States President has announced that the US will not abide by a United Nations(UN) arms trade treaty(ATT) which is aimed at regulating the global arms trade and US will never ratify it.
  2. The US President has described the treaty as misguided and encroachment on US sovereignty.He has also said that the US Senate never ratified the 2013 Arms Trade Treaty despite his predecessor having endorsed it.
  3. The arms trade treaty came into force in 2014.It requires states to monitor their arms exports and to ensure their weapons sales do not break existing arms embargoes.
  4. The treaty also requires countries to ensure the weapons they export do not end up being used for genocide,crimes against humanity,war crimes or terrorist acts.If they do find out the arms will be used for any of these,they need to stop the transfer.
  5. The pact has been signed and ratified by 101 countries so far, including Germany,France and the UK.The US is among another 29 countries that have signed the treaty but have not ratified it to make it law.
  6. However,India has not signed the treaty.India has said that it has strong and effective national export controls on military hardware to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

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