Donate excess food, says Health Ministry

  1. At the first-ever World Food Safety Day (7th June) celebration organised by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Union Health Minister has advocated “zero food wastage” campaign in restaurants. He has suggested restaurants to donate excess food and turn wet waste into compost.
  2. Food wastage is a major concern in India where millions are subjected to poverty, hunger and malnutrition. The UN estimates that nearly 40% of the food produced in India is wasted or lost. Food wastage happens at every stage— from harvesting, transporting and processing to packaging and consuming.
  3. Union Health Minister has also acknowledged the Eat Right Movement’ of FSSAI. The movement was launched in 2018. It is built on two broad pillars of ‘Eat Healthy’ and ‘Eat Safe’.
  4. The movement is a collaborative move with stakeholders—on both the demand and supply side—coming together. On the demand side, the movement focuses on empowering citizens to make right food choices.
  5. On the supply side, it has encouraged food industry to reformulate their products (voluntarily reduce salt, sugar and saturated fat in packaged food products), provide better nutritional information to consumers and make investments in healthy food.

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