DST encourages research on Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage(CCUS)

News: Department of Science & Technology(DST) has invited proposals from Indian researchers in the area of Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage (CCUS) under Accelerating CCUS Technologies(ACT) initiative.


  • Accelerating CCUS Technologies(ACT): It is an initiative of 16 countries, regions and provinces to fund research and innovation projects that can lead to safe and cost-effective CCUS technology as a tool to combat global warming.
  • CCUS: It is a process that involves capture of carbon dioxide(CO2) from fuel combustion or industrial processes, the transport of this CO2 via ship or pipeline and either use it as a resource to create valuable products or store it underground in geological formations so that it will not enter the atmosphere.
  • CCUS is also one of the identified innovation challenges in the Mission Innovation(MI) Programme.
    • Mission Innovation: It is a global initiative of 24 countries and the European Union to accelerate the global clean energy innovation.
    • Department of Science & Technology(DST), Government of India is an active partner of this initiative.