DU scientists discover frog in Assam, name it after Northeast

  1. A team of scientists from Delhi University and the Wildlife Institute of India, in collaboration with researchers from Indonesia and the US, have discovered a new species frog from Assam in Northeast India.
  2. The frog belongs to the microhylid genus Micryletta. Micryletta is a group of narrow-mouthed frogs that is primarily and widely distributed in Southeast Asia. They are commonly known as paddy frogs.
  3. The new species of the frog has been named Micryletta aishani (derived from the Sanskrit word ‘aishani’ or aisani meaning northeast).
  4. The first known species of this genus was first described from Sumatra in Indonesia. Currently, there are only four recognised species in this group. Micryletta aishani has become the fifth.
  5. According to scientists, Micryletta aishani is currently endemic to Northeast India. However, they could also be present in neighbouring regions of Bangladesh and Myanmar.
  6. Micryletta aishani has features which makes it different from other paddy frogs. These characteristics include a) reddish-brown colouration on back, b) prominent dark streaks and ash-grey mottling on the lateral sides, c) shape of the snout, and d) absence of web on its feet

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