ECI awarded ‘Silver’ in re-engineering process for digital transformation

News:The Election Commission of India has been awarded Silver for Excellence in Government Process re-engineering for digital transformation for the year 2019-20.


About the award:

  • The award was presented during the 23rd National Conference on e-Governance by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances(DARPG).
  • Aim:To recognize the projects that involved analysis and re-design of workflow which resulted in improvement in outcomes related to efficiency, the effectiveness of the process, cost, quality, service delivery or a combination of these.

Additional information:


  • ERONET(Electoral Role Services Net) is a web portal setup by Election commission of India.It is a common database for all States and UTs with data of 91 crore electors.
  • It provides bedrock of electoral roll in providing various web services to Conduct of Elections applications of Election Commission of India.
  • It automates the process of electoral roll management starting from elector registration, field verification of electors, decision support system for Electoral registration officers and for providing extensive integrated value-added services.