El Salvador recognises forests as living entities

  1. Recently, El Salvador has taken the decision to recognise forests as living entities.
  2. This decision was taken as El Salvador has lost about 85% of its native forests since the 1960s while Earth has lost about 80% of its native forests.
  3. This recognition will require each person to commit to caring,preserving and respecting forests.People should also promote concrete actions that expand forests in the country
  4. Further,recognising forests as living entities means humans live in harmony with forests and respect them as more than just property.
  5. The recognition of Legal entities helps the forests to have a right to be legally protected from any kind of destruction.Destroying them without permission could lead to human rights violations for which legal action can be taken.
  6. Further,New Zealand had earlier passed legislation giving legal rights to the Whanganui river ecosystem.Ecuador had already given legal rights to nature in its Constitution adopted in 2008.

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