Engineers at IIT Bombay develop AJIT; microprocessor ‘Made in India’

  1. Indian Institute of Technology(Bombay) has indigenously-produced microprocessor named AJIT.
  2. A microprocessor is an integrated circuit containing a few million transistors(semiconductor-based electronic devices) fused on a semiconductor chip.It is just a few millimeters in size and is a part of almost every electronic device.
  3. AJIT will be used for systems such as robots,automation systems, appliances and in the future perhaps even servers and workstations.AJIT will also be used in India’s satellites like NAVIC or IRNSS(Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System).
  4. Further,SAMEER(Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research) which is an independent lab under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MeitY) is also planning to use AJIT in various satellite receivers.
  5. This project comes under India’s ‘Made In India’ initiative which aims to make India a global manufacturing hub by encouraging both multinational as well as domestic companies to manufacture their products within the country.This innovation will not only reduce the country’s imports but also make India self-reliant in electronics.