News:Exercise DHARMA GUARDIAN-219 between India and Japan will be conducted at Vairengte,Mizoram.


About the exercise:

  • Exercise DHARMA GUARDIAN is an annual joint military exercise between Indian and Japan since 2018.
  • The exercise aims to share experience gained during various Counter Terrorism Operations in respective Countries.
  • The exercise also covers platoon level joint training on counter terrorism operations in jungle and urban scenario.
  • The exercise with Japan is crucial and significant in terms of security challenges faced by both the nations in the backdrop of global terrorism. 

Additional information:

Other exercises between India and Japan:

  • JIMEX- It is a bilateral maritime exercise between India and Japan.
  • Exercise Malabar– It is a trilateral naval exercise involving the United States, Japan and India as permanent partners.
  • Sahayog-Kaijin – It is a joint bilateral exercise between Indian Coast Guard and the Japan Coast Guard.