Exercise Mitra Shakti -India and SriLanka military exercise

News:The Sri Lankan Army will be participating in the annual joint military exercise Mitra Shakti between the Indian and Sri Lanka Army.


About the exercise:

  • Exercise Mitra Shakti is an annual joint military exercise between the Indian Army and the Sri Lanka Army.
  • The exercise is being conducted between both the countries since the year 2012.
  • The aim of the exercise is to build and promote close relations between the armies of both the countries and to enhance the ability of joint exercise commander to take military contingents of both nations under command.
  • The exercise will also involve training in tactical level operations during international Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorist environment under United Nations mandate.

Additional information:

Other exercises between India and Sri Lanka:


  • SLINEX is a bilateral naval exercise between Indian and Sri Lankan Navy.
  • The exercise was started in 2005.It was previously held once in two years and now it has been converted to an annual event.
  • The exercise is a continuation of ongoing operational interaction between both navies wherein regular ships visits are being undertaken between the two countries.