Explained: The G4 flu virus with ‘pandemic potential’, found by Chinese researchers?

News: Researchers in China have discovered a new strain of the H1N1 swine flu virus named G4 virus.


  • G4 virus: It is a new strain of virus that has descended from the H1N1 Influenza that was responsible for the 2009 flu pandemic. 
  • The evidence of the virus have been found in people who work in abattoirs and the swine industry.
  • However,the virus hasn’t shown evidence of human-to-human transmission so far.

Additional Facts:

  • H1N1(Swine Flu): It is a highly contagious acute respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza virus.
  • Swine flu virus does not normally infect humans.However, sporadic human infections with swine flu have occurred.
  • Symptoms: Cough, nasal secretions, fever, loss of appetite, fatigue, and headache.
  • Transmission: It is transmitted by exposure to infected droplets expelled by coughing or sneezing or through contact to contaminate hands or surfaces.
  • Pandemic: In 2009, WHO declared the outbreak of type A H1N1 influenza virus a pandemic.