Explained: Western fears about fire accident aboard a Russian submarine

  1. Recently,Russian Sailors died in fire on Nuclear Submarine named Losharik within the Russian territorial waters.
  2. Russian officials have said that the submarine was measuring sea depth within Russian territorial waters.
  3. However,security analysts have said that Russia is using the submarines to stake its claim on the Arctic Sea which is a region rich in oil and gas reserves.
  4. Losharik is a highly advanced Nuclear powered submarine of Russia.It is a deep-diving special missions ship operated by the Russian Navy.
  5. The submarine is capable of withstanding high pressures at great depths enabling it to survey the ocean floor.
  6. The interior hull of submarine is built using titanium spheres which makes the vessel dive up to 6000 metres.A regular submarine can go to the depth of only 600 metres.
  7. The submarine is generally carried under the hull of a larger submarine and is capable of releasing a smaller submarine itself.
  8. A submarine is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater.A submarine is the quietest military platform and extremely tough to detect.Their main cover is their ability to move stealthily under water and keep an eye on enemy movement of vessels.