Explained: What is Epiphany festival

News:Recently,the Epiphany festival has been celebrated in parts of India such as Goa and Kerala.


About Epiphany festival:

  • Epiphany is a feast day or a day of commemoration.It is among the three oldest and major festival days in Christianity.The two others being Christmas and Easter.
  • This festival is celebrated in Christianity to mark the visit of the Magi (meaning the Three Wise Men or Three Kings) to the Infant Jesus (Christ from his nativity until age 12).
  • This day also commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River.
  • In Goa, the celebration is known by its Portuguese name ‘Festa dos Reis’ and in parts of Kerala by its Syriac name ‘Denha’.

Additional information:

Easter Festival:Easter is a Christian festival.The day marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he rose from the dead.