Explained:How cars can run on hydrogen fuel Cell

News:Recently,the Supreme Court has directed the government to look into the feasibility of introducing vehicles based on a hydrogen cell technology to deal with air pollution in Delhi.


About Hydrogen Fuel Cells:

  • Fuel cells generate electricity through an electrochemical process.It converts chemical energy in fuels into electrical energy.
  • It combines hydrogen and oxygen to generate an electric current with water being the only byproduct.
  • The fuel cell promises power generation with high efficiency and low environmental impact.

Difference between Fuel Cells and Electric Vehicles:

  • Fuel cells generate electricity through an electrochemical process unlike electric vehicle, it does not store energy and instead relies on a constant supply of fuel and oxygen.
  • The internal combustion engine of the fuel cell relies on a constant supply of petrol or diesel, and oxygen.Hence,it may be seen as being similar to a conventional internal combustion engine than electric vehicles.

Advantages of Fuel Cell:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • High Reliability
  • Flexibility in installation and operation
  • Development of renewable energy resources
  • Reduced demand for foreign oil
  • Improved environmental quality

Disadvantages of Fuel Cell:

  • They are expensive
  • Hydrogen is Highly flammable.
  • Hydrogen is very hard to move around.Hence,just moving even small amounts of Hydrogen is a very expensive matter.
  • The process of making hydrogen needs energy often from fossil fuel sources.This has raised questions over hydrogen’s green credentials.

Additional information:

Japan’s initiative on Hydrogen fuel Cell in Olympics:

  • The Japan government has decided to use the Olympics event to introduce the world to the Japan’s state-of-the-art technology in the field of hydrogen Fuel Cell.
  • It will be using hydrogen-powered vehicles and buses for official vehicles and powering the Olympic village with hydrogen.In doing so,Japan aims to promote a Hydrogen-based Society.