Explained:Tablighi Jamaat

News:Several people have tested positive for COVID-19 from among 4,000 who had gathered in Delhi’s Markaz Nizamuddin, the headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat.


  • Tablighi Jamaat:It is a conservative Muslim organisation which aims to reach out to ordinary Muslims and revive their faith particularly in matters of ritual, dress and personal behaviour.
  • Origin:Launched by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas in 1926 in Mewat (Haryana) with its roots in the Deobandi version
  • Principles: Based on six principles namely a) Kalimah- an article of faith which says that there is no God but Allah b) Salaat or prayer five times daily c) Ilm and dhikr- the knowledge and remembrance of Allah in which the congregation listens to preaching by the imam d) Ikram-i-Muslim- the treatment of fellow Muslims with honour and e) Ikhlas-i-niyat- or sincerity of intention.

Additional Facts:

Deoband Movement:

  • It was a revivalist movement founded in 1867 by Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi and Rashid Ahmad Gangohi.
  • Aim:To propagate pure teachings of Quran and Hadis among Muslims and to keep alive the spirit of Jihad against the foreign rulers.

Aligarh Movement:

  • It was a reformist movement founded by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
  • Aim:To reform social, political and educational aspects of the Muslim community.
  • He founded the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College(Aligarh Muslim University) in 1875.
  • Journal:Tahdhib-Ul-Akhlaq.