Flood Warning System For Mumbai “IFLOWS-Mumbai”

News: Mumbai will get the country’s second urban flood warning system for evaluation named IFLOWS-Mumbai.


  • IFLOWS-Mumbai: It is an Integrated Flood Warning system to enhance the resilience of Mumbai by providing early warning for flooding specially during high rainfall events and cyclones.
    • The system also has provisions to capture the urban drainage within the city and predict the areas of flooding
  • Developed by: Ministry of Earth Sciences using in-house expertise and in close coordination with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.
  • Significance: Mumbai will be the second city to get such a warning system in India after Chennai.

Additional Facts:

  • Urban Flooding: Flood is defined as an overflow of a large body of water over areas not usually inundated.Thus,flooding in urban areas is caused by intense and/or prolonged rainfall which overwhelms the capacity of the drainage system.
  • Causes: Heavy rainfall, Occurrence of High Tides, Unplanned Urbanization, Inadequate Drainage System among others.