GI tag for Thanjavur Netti and Arumbavur Wood carving

News:Geographical Indication Registry of India has accorded Geographical Indication(GI) tag to Thanjavur Netti and Arumbavur Wood carving from Tamil Nadu.


Thanjavur Netti:

  • Thanjavur Netti Works (Thanjavur Pith Work) is made from Netti (pith) from a marshy plant called as Aeschynomene Aspera. 
  • This is a traditional art form and has been transferred from one generation to the next.
  • The pith work models are delicate to handle and are usually preserved inside glass boxes.
  • The notable works include Brihadeeswara Temple, Hindu Idols, door hangings and decorative pieces.The government has also recognised the pith work industry as one of the major handicraft symbols.

Arumbavur Wood Carving:

  • Arumbavur wood carvings are sculptures primarily made out of the wooden logs of Mango, Lingam tree, Indian Ash tree, Rosewood, Neem tree.
  • The wood supply comes from the Pachamalai Hills along the Trichy – Perambalur boundary and the Thanjavur – Kumbakonam zone.
  • It’s work revolves around idols and deities, temple chariots and temple cars, door panels of houses, pooja rooms and temples, decorative figures and pooja mandapam.
  • Uniqueness:The entire design carved is made out of a single block of wood given that a single error could damage the entire piece.