Global meet on marine ecosystems

News:The third international conference on marine ecosystems – challenges and opportunities(MECOS-3) will be held in Kochi,Kerala from January 7 to 10,2019.


About the Conference:

  • The Conference is organized by the Marine Biological Association of India.
  • The conference is aimed at reviewing the concerns involved in marine ecosystem and formulating strategies for the better and sustainable utilisation of marine wealth by enhancing livelihood options,
  • It will also serve as a platform for discussions on a range of topics, including the impact of the climate crisis on marine ecosystems and an unusual warming of the Arabian Sea.

Conference and SDG:

  • The conference would focus on the Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations, SDG-14. 
  • SDG-14 says, “Conserve and Sustainably use the oceans and its resources for sustainable development”.

Significance of the conference:

  • Healthy oceans, coasts and related ecosystems are crucial for economic growth and food production. 
  • Billions of people worldwide, especially the world’s poorest rely on healthy oceans to provide jobs and food underscoring the urgent need to sustainably use and protect this natural resource.
  • However,numerous issues such as depletion of resources, marine pollution, extreme weather conditions and rising sea surface temperature pose a threat to the sustainable utilisation of marine resources.
  • Hence,the conference would come up with a roadmap to deal with these issues.

Additional information:

About Marine Biological Association of India: 

  • The Marine Biological Association of India was established in the year 1958.
  • It serves the cause of promotion of research on marine sciences in the Asia-Pacific region.It also aims to create an active interest among its members in the field of marine biology and allied marine sciences.