Global Terrorism Index 2019

News:The Global Terrorism Index(GTI),2019 has been released.


About Global Terrorism Index(GTI):

  • The Global Terrorism Index(GTI) is published by the Institute for Economics & Peace.
  • The index provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism. 
  • The report ranks 163 countries according to how impacted they are by terrorism. 
  • The indicators include the number of terrorist incidents, fatalities, injuries and property damage.

Key takeaways from the index:

  • The deaths from terrorism have decreased by 15.2% in 2018 to 15,952 globally.This is the fourth consecutive year of improvement.
  • However,71 countries recorded at least one death from terrorism in 2018 which is the highest second number of countries since 2002.
  • Afghanistan was the country most impacted by terrorism in 2018, replacing Iraq which had held that position since 2004.
  • The Taliban has overtaken ISIL to become the deadliest terrorist group in the world recording a 71% increase in terrorism deaths.The group was responsible for 38% of all terrorist deaths globally in 2018.
  • The deaths in Europe has fallen by 70% with Western Europe recording its lowest number of incidents since 2012.
  • But there has been an increase in far-right terrorism for the third year running, in Western Europe, North America and Oceania with deaths up by 52% in 2018.
  • Further,the fall in terrorism has also been accompanied by a reduction in the global economic impact of terrorism decreasing by 38% to US$33 billion in 2018.

Index on India:

  • India has been ranked 7th in the countries suffering the most deaths from terrorism in 2018.
  • India is ranked third in the countries with the greatest number of terrorist attacks with nearly 748 recorded terror incidents in 2018.
  • However,India has also recorded a slight improvement in the number of terrorist attacks in the country while also recording a slight decrease in the number of deaths.

Additional information:

About Institute for Economics & Peace

  • The Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) is the world’s leading think tank headquartered in Sydney, Australia
  • It is dedicated to developing metrics to analyse peace and to quantify its economic value. 
  • It does this by developing global and national indices including the annual Global Peace Index calculating the economic cost of violence and understanding positive peace.