GoI releases draft guidelines for advertisements

News: The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has issued draft guidelines on advertisements.The guidelines have been prepared by the Central Consumer Protection Authority(CCPA) under Consumer Protection Act,2019.


  • Coverage: The guidelines cover all advertising and marketing communications regardless of form, format or medium.

Key Draft Guidelines: 

  • Endorsement: The endorsements of celebrities through blogs, posts and tweet should be based on adequate information or experience with the product
  • Disclaimers: The disclaimers that are not easily noticeable by or legible or easily understandable to an ordinary consumer will be treated as misleading advertisements under the Consumer Protection Act.
  • On Surrogate advertising: Goods or services whose advertising is otherwise prohibited shall not circumvent such restrictions by advertising other goods or services of which is not prohibited.
  • Free Product: The advertisement should not describe a product or service as free without charge or other similar terms if the consumer has to pay anything other than the cost while purchasing a product or service for delivery of the same.
  • Violation: The violation of the guidelines would face action by the Central Consumer Protection Authority.

Additional Facts:

  • Central Consumer Protection Authority(CCPA): It has been set up under the Consumer Protection Act,2019.
    • Aim: To promote, protect and enforce the rights of the consumer by inquiring into violations of consumer rights, investigating and launching prosecution at the appropriate forum among others.