Govt issues list of National Directives for COVID-19 management

News: Ministry of Home Affairs issued National Directives for COVID-19 management


  • Wearing of face cover in workplaces and public places compulsory.
  • Fine for spitting in public places.
  • Ban on sale of tobacco products and alcohol
  • Gatherings of more than five people not allowed in public spaces or in any organisation
  • District magistrates have been asked to regulate events like marriages and funerals.
  • Workplaces have been asked to implement specific measures-staggered lunch breaks, a gap of one hour between shifts, and encouraging work-from-home arrangements for some employees
  • A standard operating procedure on social distancing has been created for workplaces, factories and other establishments
  • District magistrates will enforce the new National Directives. Penal action, including fines, will be based on the Disaster Management Act, 2005.