Group to check terror sympathisers

  1. Government has set up a Multi Disciplinary Terror Monitoring Group (MDTMG).The group aims to ensure synergised and concerted action against terror financing and terror-related activities in Jammu and Kashmir.
  2. The MDTMG will have representatives from (a)Jammu and Kashmir Police (b)Intelligence Bureau (c)Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) (c)National Investigation agency(NIA) and (d)Income Tax Department.
  3. The terms of the reference of the group will be (a)to take coordinated action in all registered cases that relate to terror,terror financing and terror-related activities (b)identify all key persons including leaders of the organisation(s) who are involved in supporting terrorism in any form and (c)investigate networks of various channels being used to fund terror and terror-related activities and stop flow of such funds.