Guterres appoints Indian-origin Anita Bhatia as UN-Women’s dy executive director

  1. Anita Bhatia, a person of Indian-origin, has been appointed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as the Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women).
  2. UN Women is the UN entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. The UN Women supports inter-governmental bodies, such as the Commission on the Status of Women, in their formulation of policies, global standards and norms.
  3. It also helps Member States to implement these standards, standing ready to provide suitable technical and financial support to those countries that request it, and to forge effective partnerships with civil society
  4. It is also responsible to hold the UN system accountable for its own commitments on gender equality, including regular monitoring of system-wide progress

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